Q. Why are you running and also comment on the “pandemic”

I received this email request today. I decided to post my response as maybe others questions where I stand. Quote: “I understand you are running for the Regional Health Authority in my region.  My family and friends are looking to decide who to vote for in the upcoming election.  Can you please comment on why you are running and also comment on the “pandemic”?

I have lived in the Harvey area where I grew up all of my life. I have been a volunteer in many organizations including environmental/ wildlife organizations, many community and church related groups, and supported many other financially when my work travel prevented my being there in person.

After retirement I joined the board for both Harvey Community Network and Harvey Outreach. While I have always been aware of the health care changes in our community and the impact they have had on my life; I have had a better opportunity to see the impacts (both positive and negative) that the changes to these services in our community can make. 

For me it is imperative that we be able to maintain some of these critical services in our community.  While many of these services come at a cost, if we cannot keep seniors in their homes as well as young people in our communities, we will soon be a province with three cities providing services that we all must travel to. We know that that will not work.

We have also been fighting population decline (which further erodes our tax base) in this Province for too long. Families will not live in communities without services.  We need to be able to attract individuals and keep them here if we want to grow our province and the areas outside the three main cities.  Health services are one of those key factors.

We also need to find ways to support those most vulnerable in our communities, whether that be those with mental health challenges, those unable to provide their family with the food security required, particular challenges for our First Nations communities, or those unable to access primary health care.

I am a senior and my husband and I both have experienced many health challenges. Due to a chronic illness I was treated with medication for more than 35 years that suppressed my immune system. I take the pandemic seriously.  I believe we need to do what must be done to get through this. I would be one to encourage vaccinations, following the protocols and do what we need to as quickly as possible so we can get our lives and our businesses back on track and stabilize our economy.  My husband is a business owner and part of the Fredericton business community for over forty years.  He has witnessed the devastation of many businesses due to this pandemic so getting our “lives” back to normal is critical if we don’t want to lose more businesses.

Hopefully this answers your questions. If my values and beliefs do not align with yours or your families, you may want to check out the Bugle Observer this week when they profile RHA candidates. If my values and beliefs do align with yours, I would ask for and welcome your support.  Thank you for the opportunity to respond. (I also referred them to this blog)

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