I am never too old to learn

I haven’t taken much time this week to add to my blog.  I spent a cool and rainy day putting up signs and preparing a mail out for some areas.  I have also been fielding a number of emails asking my opinion on various subjects or my stand as compared to the other candidates.

First of all, I have enjoyed this as a learning opportunity. People are exercising their right to make informed decisions as part of the voting process.  It is great to see that democratic process in action.

I know that sending an honest answer to an individual’s questions may lose me their support but I don’t mind disagreeing because my values and beliefs are as important to me as they are to that individual. And guess what, I can admit I have actually changed my mind about a subject after a good debate. My values of fairness, honesty, hard work and integrity hopefully are still reflected in those opinions.

As a public servant I had to represent the current Minister and that often changed every 2, 4 or 8 years. It also changed depending on the will of the people and the importance of a topic at a particular time.  It was my job to make sure that the work I did reflected the policy and laws that were made. While I sometimes had to carry out a task that I personally did not agree with, I knew that the Minister that gave that direction was there because he was voted in by the people that allowed that mandate. I represented those people and I was good with carrying out their will, even when I disagreed.

I am thrilled that I have been kept busy responding to emails, that there seems to be an honest attempt at finding out who represents your values best.  I have also learned a bit about the other candidates and would like the opportunity to learn more about them and their motivations.  One individual asked me, “Can you fill me in on your platform and what your plans are vs. the other candidates?” This was a great question because it forced me to read the article published in the Bugle Observer to find out what they said.

Part of my response said I think all four candidates really want to do similar things whether we have stated them exactly the same way or not. We all want to improve the health care situation in rural areas; that is where we live and access our services and maintaining status quo is not good enough.  I had to think about each of the topics/issues raised by the others.  In one case I had to admit I just didn’t know enough about the topic to be definitive about it.  I want to learn more about that topic now and will whether I am the successful candidate or not. 

I feel bad that all the responses (and certainly this blog) are not always well written, but they are written from the heart and sometimes being passionate about something means you just put those words on paper and hit send. One needs to sit back, reflect and phrase things more eloquently but hey, this is just a blog and who knows if anyone reads it all anyway. If they do, they may be getting a picture of me and my personality.  I apologize that sometimes my rambling response may not answer a question directly but if not, feel comfortable coming back for clarification.

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