Its been a busy week

It has been a busy week, both at home and for volunteer work. Responding to emails from individuals and preparing response to media requests, putting up signs, or preparing mailouts, I am surprised at how much time this takes. I can only imaging what those vying for mayor or councilor positions are doing.

I have had a number of people ask me what a Regional Health Authority is. I have just pulled this from Horizons website but hopefully it will explain a bit what the successful candidate could be involved with at board meetings. (The agendas and board minutes are all posted on Horizons website)

Horizon Health Network’s Board of Directors is comprised of 8 elected members and 7 members who are appointed by the Minister of Health. There are also 3 non‐voting members. The Board is mandated to control and manage the business and affairs of Horizon. 

As part of their role, Board members may participate on committees to provide a more detailed review of important areas of responsibility. The Board participates in three standing committees, where chairpersons and members of the Standing Committees of the Board are normally appointed by the Board at the Annual Meeting.

The Standing Committees of the Board include the  Executive Committee, the Governance and Nominating Committee, and the Finance, Audit and Resource Committee, according to the by-laws, as well as the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Committee.

Horizon’s 2021-2026 Strategic Plan, Building a Healthier Future is an outline for how Horizon intends to enhance health care services for our patients, clients and their families

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