First meeting thoughts…

Wow, am I glad I spent the last seven years before my official retirement working at Service Canada in a section called Strategic Services. It’s like Cheryl O’Toole and Raelene Graham- Theriault trained me to be ready for these meetings. It was an excellent first orientation session for me and I cannot wait until Wednesday for the next 2 1/2 hours. Other than a sore butt because I am not used to sitting still that long and really should have rethought doing my first one hour bike ride in two years today, it was all good.

Having a good overview of the structure, responsibilities, which activities are currently by zone or regional, and who the major players are has situated me well. Now I have a copy of By-Laws ( I know it’s weird I like them) I had already read the Act, and strategic plans. Now I have research. Am I sounding nerdy now?

I loved my years of managing operations, management services with HR and budgets, IT , my Immigration work and my front line work and would not have changed a bit of that. Sometimes its like it all comes together at some point and this may be one of those cases. I am sure it will be a lot of work and learning but fun and exciting too.

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