Today is the day

Today the Edmundston area votes. After 8 pm tonight we should hear results. It’s been a strange time having the announcements delayed. I am not sure how others in this waiting game feel. You concentrate on the election while thinking about the “what will I be able to accomplish if I am successful”. Then you wait. Today it’s a bit of excitement and worry that there will be disappointment .

I do know if I am not successful there are other good candidates. We are so fortunate that people do step forward for this democratic purpose. I also think about the 1800 NBers and 547 health care workers who worked to develop the new strategic 5 year health care plan There has been so much accomplished but still so far to go.

Health care is a critical part of healthy communities. Take some time to read the plan. I am hoping I will be able to be part of working towards the objectives in this plan as one of your representatives.

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